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My Style Modus Operandi

February 02, 2017

It’s February… finally! Let’s forget about resolutions for now and focus on a re-set; an achievable adjustment and a fresh perspective on your style choices. This is my modus operandi when it comes to my wardrobe and style and I know this will help you stay focused all year round.

Be a Fashion Editor

I don’t mean start dressing like Anna Wintour but I do mean edit your wardrobe with the same critical eye. You know if something is worn out, outdated, or no longer relevant for your lifestyle. Recycle the garment or donate it to charity because this always feels good. 

Be Organised

Keep your wardrobe tidy and make use of the space with practical storage solutions. Your first job is to remove the wire hangers and update them with velvet covered non-slip versions. Your clothes will stay in shape and your wardrobe will look good too. 

Be Daring

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Style evolves – just because you have never worn culottes before doesn’t mean you can’t start now! Book an appointment and get inspired. 

Be Decisive

Procrastinate no more. Whether it be to finally clear out your wardrobe, update your moth ridden knitwear or to get help from a professional, some things are worth investing in.

Be relaxed 

This year I resolved to take time for myself and maintain a healthy balance between my two loves; work and loved ones. Keeping my wardrobe edited and full of clothes that are appropriate and versatile keeps me relaxed and stress free. No matter what situation, I know I have an outfit I can put on that makes me feel confident and comfortable. 

Be thoughtful

The sad truth is that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth. We are all guilty of buying from ‘fast fashion’ high street stores and even if we don’t, if we are wearing it for one season and throwing it away, we are still guilty. So be thoughtful – only shop with a targeted list and avoid impulse buying. Stores are making it easier now to recycle garments that aren’t good enough for Charity. H&M, M&S and Zara all take garments for recycling or visit your local council’s website for local clothing bins. 

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