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Uncertainty is better than stagnation [4 steps to evolve your style]

October 06, 2020

As much as I will miss wearing my summer styles, I do love the change of season.

The process of reviewing, editing and reimagining my autumn wardrobe makes me so happy. Where do I want my style to go and what are those new pieces and silhouettes that will work with existing items but also add some freshness to my look. 

For some of my clients that idea of evolving their wardrobes feels challenging and sometimes scary. They know they are stuck in a rut but they don’t know where to start so they continue along the same path of stagnation.

They might love the idea of something they have seen online or on someone else but are worried about trying it for fear of ‘getting it wrong’, ‘standing out’, ‘their friends/partner not liking it’. 

Fear is the sign that it’s time to do something.

Trying anything new brings uncertainty but I believe now it’s the right time to face it and do something about it, while less people are watching… or at least only watching the top half!  

Once you start experimenting and practising and experiencing, you feel more confident. It’ll feel strange the first time you wear it, but over time it’ll feel natural before eventually feeling inevitable. 

Learning something new, organising, communicating your authenticity – they all show us that fear is momentary. 

I know experimenting is difficult at the moment but I’m going to set you a challenge…

1. Put together a Pinterest board of autumn looks that make your heart sing

2. Pick one to three items from your inspirational images that you love but have never tried or been to scared to try because you thought you couldn’t pull it off. 

3. Go online and add these items to your wishlist or buy them and try them on 

4. Pick a brand you have always wanted to try and put together a complete outfit, wishlist it or if you can buy and try. 

The more you expose yourself to new ideas the more they become natural and a part of who you are. 


P.S. I love helping my clients evolve their style in a way that feels exciting and authentic to them. Deciding what to wear becomes a pleasure not a chore. If you would like to fall back in love with your wardrobe then please get in touch! 

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