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The Easiest Way to Update Your Wardrobe {Using Clothes You Already Own}

June 25, 2024

Last night I was packing for a long weekend in Marrakesh (when you receive this I will be basking in the sunlight on the roof top of a Riad… in factor 50).

In a flurry of excitement I created my dream Moroccan wardrobe in my wish-list on Net-a-Porter. 

But I know better than to shop before I outfit what I already own. 

(Those of you who watched Video 3 of the Wardrobe Detox Challenge know we always OUTFIT before we EDIT or shop)

I pulled out all my well-travelled dresses to decide what I wanted to pack. 

🧐 I tried everything on (of course) and although I still love those items something was missing. 

A nuance to how I feel in 2024. 

How can I make those items feel like new again without buying more clothes? 

✔️ The easiest way to update your wardrobe (using clothes you already own) is with accessories (and shoes but I will save that for another week)

  • they can change a look from causal to dressy, from simple to styled, from plain to edgy, from masculine to feminine 
  • you can buy them no matter if you are at your ideal weight or not
  • they become heirlooms 
  • the create balance in your proportions

💥 And ultimately they update a look for now. 

With a good selection of short necklaces, I am craving something longer (my nod to Moroccan Bohemia) and thankfully the jewellery gods are on my side as long chain necklaces are having a moment and I want in.

🛍 Here is a selection that I have on radar to not only help me tap into my holiday vibe but that I will love wearing when I am back in London. 

Click here

{I’ve also included some brilliant rope and leather options for those who are looking to expand beyond metal}

⭐️ TOP TIPS ⭐️

⭐️ If you have a LONG BODY long necklaces are an easy wear for you. Try combining it with a shorter necklace if you also have a long neck 

⭐️ If you have a SHORT BODY (like me) long necklaces will look better when you are wearing a dress (unbelted) or when wearing a matching top and bottom with colour continuity. Try and white ribbed tank with white cotton twill shorts for example. Also you can always double the chain for more versatility. 

⭐️ If you are bigger busted, smaller beaded styles wrapped around twice work well

Want to know if you have a long or short body, Penny? Scroll down to the post script 

Here’s to a long, hot summer! 


P.S. Wearable – The Style Club is ALL about understanding yourself, shopping smart and using clothes you already own. You don’t have to buy more, you just have to think differently. Join now We kick off on 11th June!

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