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The Fashion Rule I REALLY Hate

June 25, 2024

I truly value evolution. I need and crave change because it is hopeful and inspiring. 

My style plays heavily into this idea of growth.

I use fashion (from a place of knowledge) to tap into how I am feeling about myself and the world around me, so I can communicate who I am and how I feel I fit into the world.

Every season I take stock of what I have (past) and think about how to evolve it for my way of life and my way of thinking now (present and future). 

To really understand yourself and how you like to wear your clothes you need to think about your wardrobe as a combination of past, present and future. 

It is so easy to fall into the trap of always thinking about future with a total disregard for where you have been. 

And if you do you will never be satisfied. 

Because you are always focused on what is next. 

The fashion industry is a little bit like that. A hamster wheel of ‘new ins’, ‘trends’ and ‘must haves’. 

Because the ‘what’s next’ keeps you buying. 

It is from this mindset that crazy rules start to sprout. 

❌ One of the fashion rules I hate the most…

If you haven’t worn it for a year, it has to go! 

Rubbish 🗑

There are many reasons why you haven’t worn something for a year so work out why 

  • you forgot you had it
  • your lifestyle has changed
  • you don’t know how to wear it
  • you no longer have the items you used to wear with it
  • your body has changed 
  • you bought it in an emotional state

But regardless of the reason you need to do this one thing…

✔️ Try it on. 

It is so obvious. 

But we don’t spend enough time trying on the clothes we already have and working out how to wear them. 

If we spent half the amount of time we spend scrolling for what’s next to actually work out what we already own, we would change the way we feel about our wardrobes. 
AND save LOADS of money! 

It’s a common misconceptions that I spend the majority of my time with clients shopping. 

I don’t

Yes, the shopping can play an integral role.

But it’s the lifestyle outfit creation that I spend hours doing and it’s the part that gives me and my clients the most satisfaction. 

💥 Penny, if you like the idea of an outfit building experience with me, click here. 

It’s not too late to join the 3 day wardrobe detox challenge 

Oh and did I mention it is FREE? 

I want you to focus not on what you don’t have but what you do. 


P.S. The 3 day wardrobe detox challenge started yesterday but JOIN NOW and you can catch up on video 1: The 5 Secrets For Editing Your Wardrobe and video 2 and 3 will be sent right to your inbox. Video 3: Why You Have Nothing To Wear and What to Do About It, is so good. But don’t just take my word for it…

“Penny, your videos are amazing! The lessons and exercises are just as valid and valuable whether using them to do a wardrobe analysis for the first time… or the 15th! You have instilled me with confidence”.

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