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What I Bought Last Year [And What I Didn’t Wear]

January 12, 2024

​Welcome to 2024!

I am excited for another year of helping you navigate your wardrobe with my Sunday Style Solutions newsletter. 

❤️ Thank you for being here. 

\I’m not one for NY resolutions…


I do love to review the year that has been and set some pragmatic wardrobe goals. 

My ultimate goal for myself and for my clients is, and always will be, conscious consumption. 

Why am I buying this and what purpose does it serve? 

✔️ Ultimately, do I love it and is it logical. 

In 2023 I ‘consciously’ bought 55 items (around 4 items a month) 

I know this because I write everything in my Style Diary that lives in my wardrobe…

You need one. Buy one.

✔️ It keeps you focused

✔️ Stops you from buying things you don’t need

✔️ Is a true reality check when it comes to your buying habits. 

So here is my list…


3 x jumpers

14 x tops 

2 x shirts


1 x wide leg trouser

1 x cargo trouser

1 x jean

1 x shorts


3 x summer skirts in cotton


3 x wool midis

4 x cotton midis


1 x bomber

1 x blazer

1 x wool 


1 x trench 

1 x wool 


1 x bag

3 x wool hat

4 x earrings

1 x necklace


1 x loafer

1 x ballet flat

1 x boot

1 x sandal


3 x swimwear

1 x thermals

💥 My analysis…

Action – I buy more in the autumn / winter than the spring / summer

Analysis – We wear so many more clothes in A/W and we wear them for longer

Action – The item I bought most of was tops

Analysis – I still feel this is a section of my wardrobe that needs work so this will continue to be a focus

Action- I like to buy before I go on holiday 

Analysis – This is the only time I spend shopping for myself which does mean I am not always 100% engaged in the process

Action- The two brands I bought from most were Tibi and Toteme

Analysis- The items from these brands are also the ones I wear the most. Classics with a distinct design perspective. 


❌ What I didn’t wear

  • I’ve worn my designer items so much more than the highstreet purchases but this is also because I only buy highstreet for items I don’t wear often like swimwear, trend items and statement jewellery

  • I bought a dress and skirt from Zara that I have worn once and will donate to charity

  • I don’t wear skirts in the winter – I much prefer dresses, trousers and jeans

⭐️ 2024 Goals ⭐️

  1. To buy less (= 2 items per month)

  2. To wear trainers less and invest in some ’soft shoe’ options (more on this next week!)

  3. Keep finding new ways to wear what I have 

  4. To buy more second hand (sadly this requires more time!)

  5. To photograph my outfit every day

Stop putting your style on hold…

Let’s make 2024 the most stylish, fun and satisfying yet! 

Start with your goals… I have created a template for you. 

💥 Get it here!💥

No excuses. 

How many items did you buy in 2023? Where you surprised by the result? 

Let me know. 


P.S. Fast track this process book a call now. My client, Erica, spent years feeling less than herself with a wardrobe that didn’t function and that consistently let her down. She sent me this message… “Thank you for all the brilliant styling! I love my new clothes, I’m having fun getting dressed and I feel more like myself than I have in ages” 

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