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My Favourite Wet Weather Styling Tip (That You Have Never Tried)

November 11, 2023

I’m back to work after 2 weeks away in Oman and Dubai. 

Stay with me… this has context

The ease of one-and-done dressing is part of what makes travel to hotter climates so relaxing. 

No stressing about layering, what shoes work, or whether I am gong to need a jacket. The biggest decision is whether I am going to put on an earring… or not. 🧐

I have found getting back into dressing for London weather quickly bought me crashing down to earth…

Because if there is one thing we can count on with British weather, it is rain!

Rainwear has come along way since I first moved to this country and learnt the term ‘pac-a-mac’.

And there are some incredible brands which I have included in a selection you can see here. 

But my rain coat isn’t always warm enough, my hooded puffer jacket gives me covid vibes and the amount of umbrellas I have ‘donated’ to London Underground is in the hundreds. 

How can I wear my all my beautiful wool coats and still be ready for the chance of rain?

My favourite wet weather styling tip that my clients are loving…

👉 Layer your rain coat under you wool coat. 

✔️ the added layer keeps you warm and makes your wool coat wind proof

✔️ the combination of contrast fabrics between the shell fabric and your wool coat gives your look dimension

✔️ you no longer need a bag that can carry an umbrella, you now just need to flip your hood

✔️ your wool coats are no longer redundant. 

See my favourite raincoats to layer here

N.B. please don’t send me messages about how this wouldn’t work if you are walking the dog in torrential rain… I am talking London drizzle and short spells of rain only… obviously 


P.S. We want you to wear the clothes you have and we can help you wear them in ways you would never have thought of. Shop your own closet. Book your free consultation here

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