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What I know about Style now I’m 40

May 02, 2019

No matter what my client’s age, I want them to enjoy clothes. Their style should be a true reflection of who they are, their authenticity, and what they love visually, all within the realms of what is appropriate for their lifestyle. It’s never a question of age as a number but as a feeling. How do they feel in their skin, what do they love, what do they want to show off and what do they want to disguise. I work with 60 year olds who wear leather leggings, I work with 50 year olds who wear mini skirts and I’m sitting here writing this as a 40 year old women wearing puffed sleeves. How you wear something and the confidence it gives you are everything.

I know what I love and I’m confident in my style. I’m a romantic at heart and am happiest in an ankle skimming dress and flat shoe. I’m a sucker for a beautiful print and and a fabric that drapes just so. I love when something feels like ‘me’, my authentic self and I want to have that feeling everyday. But every day is different and I don’t know how I will feel in 6 months time but below is a checklist to keep my style on track and my wardrobe full of things I want to wear.

  • If I’m not sure if something is ‘me’ I buy the high street version first and and invest later if I love and wear it

  • Never buy 100% acrylic. It doesn’t wash well will look worn after only a few wears.

  • Just because you love something visually or on a stylish friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Appreciate it and move on.

  • Something I loved a year ago may not bring me that same joy now. Your style will always evolve. Donate or sell it and feel good about that.

  • Buy more vintage. My romantic side gets inspiration from the past and looks for pieces that are reworked for the modern day. I should give my Net-A-Porter app a rest and visit my local vintage stores. It’s good for the environment too.

  • It has to be fit for purpose? Yes, a Molly Goddard tulle confection is perfection but where would I wear it? I’m still thinking about this….

  • If one day you want to dress like an off duty ballerina and the next day a minimalist, that is ok as long as I feel like you.

  • Can I wear it 3 ways? If I can’t think of 3 ways to wear something with existing pieces in my wardrobe or wear it for multiple occasions, I hesitate about buying it. But I also give myself permission to buy things that are special and that I will only wear a few times and then enjoy just looking at it in my wardrobe… a feathered jumper, a 50s bodice and a heart shaped bag.

  • My days of wearing spaghetti straps are numbered. Sleeves please.

  • Very high-waisted styles are not (really) my friend but I know how to make them work for my straight waist.

  • Don’t buy the inexpensive high street bits for the sake of it. Always wait and invest in something you love.

  • Keep investing in what you love. For me dresses, knitwear and boots.

  • Keep searching for the perfect coat and realise that perfection is unattainable. Same goes for denim!

If you have reached an age milestone and feel that your wardrobe no longer reflects who you are and you want to bring the fun back into getting dressed, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch here

Photo credit Renia Jazz (50+ fashion blogger)

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