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Party Wear You Will ACTUALLY Wear Again {And Again}

November 21, 2023

​I was in Harvey Nichs this week with a client and she said…

‘Look how lovely and festive everything looks!’

And I get it… 

I like a sparkle as much as the next person… the shop floor feels glittering and optimistic compared to the grey and wet streets. 

But when it comes to ‘festive’ dressing’, there is a propensity for us to lose our minds.

We start spending money on things we wouldn’t normally wear and get attracted to anything sparkly and over the top to lift our mood.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL about pushing the boat out…

BUT only when pieces feel grounded.

That is…

✔️ When it can be mixed with items you already have

✔️ When it functions beyond the festive season

✔️ When the item routed in your personal style

Ultimately, so you feel like yourself but in a dressed up way. 

❌ So put the sequin dress back on the rail 

👉 And do this instead…

1. Buy statement separates you can wear with things you already have

2. Invest in accessories and jewellery that will elevate your everyday looks

3. Buy a more elevated version of what you already like to wear

If you are a trouser person…

⭐️ Opt for tuxedo trousers or silver leather trousers

If you are a skirt person…

⭐️ Try a silk skirt with a textured knit and earring

If you are a dress person 

⭐️ You probably have loads already! So add some fun tights and great jewellery

If you are a denim person…

⭐️ Add a fun knit and some metallic shoes

I want you to have fun but be functional this festive season 🙌

Click here to see what my clients are buying


P.S Want to know what this would look like for you? Jump on a free call now

I know how much you like talking one-to-one with me and my stylists, Antonia and Nadyia about your personal style 


  • Don’t lose your mind when you are shopping for festive

  • Invest in separates

  • Buy an elevated version of what you would wear every day – you will wear it again

  • Use jewellery shoes and tights/socks to update

  • What I recommend and what my clients buy ​

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