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What To Wear On The Plane

December 14, 2023

​I know that deciding on what to wear when you travel, causes a lot of people stress.

And that is because your outfit needs to strike a balance… 

…A balance between comfort and looking pulled together

…Cosy but not sloppy

…relaxed but not shabby

A balance that is achievable but takes thought and practice {and a little help from me}.  

We are going to be strategic…

✔️ We want what we wear on the plane to mix in with other items we have packed because that is smart

✔️ ​We also want to get through security with a minimum of fuss… no lace-up boot or belts. 

✔️ ​On the plane we want to be temperature controlled… taking something off or putting something on… so that means layers. 

✔️ ​We need to think about our destination but the below formula works no matter what the locale (or even if you are travelling for work) we just need to change fabric weights.

I’m going to focus on the two locales that I and my clients are headed too… Sun and Snow. 

➡️ The Item

Elasticated waist silk trousers will be comfortable on the plane 

The transition 

For Sun…Wear with my swimsuit at the bar or with a tank top at breakfast 

For Snow… Wear with a mohair sweater and mesh slippers for dinner in the Chalet

➡️ ​The Item

Favourite T shirt 

The Transition

For Sun…Infinite uses.. with shorts on the beach, with a skirt to dinner etc etc

For Snow… Chalets are often over heated so layers help. Add a cardigan to negotiate your temperature with ease

➡️ ​The Item

Hooded cashmere cardigan (I can’t travel without this now)

The Transition

For Sun… Over a swim suit when the sun goes down, for your shoulders when you are dining alfresco

For Snow…layer over your favourite T shirt as above

➡️ ​The Item

Softly structured jacket

The Transition

For Sun… This will usually be a denim or cotton jacket. Use for your shoulders when you are dining alfresco or in locales when you need to be more modest

For Snow…Something that can be layered under your coat when you are outside or a blazer that can be layered over a fine knit jumper for dinner or when entertaining in the chalet

➡️ ​The Item


The Transition

For Sun… The above should be enough layers but if you need a coat for to and from the airport… opt for a double faced cashmere coat. Super light, will scrunch up small in the over-head or act as a blanket on an overnight flight 

For Snow…I wear my bulkiest jacket that takes up valuable real estate in my suitcase 

And if you are a matching tracksuit sort of person, then go for it! I like putting a softy structured blazer, utility jacket or trench over the top…

You suddenly feel less slobbish. 

❌ And what ever you do, don’t wear a jumpsuit!

Other travel essentials… a cap, sunglasses, great socks, blanket scarf, Bach’s rescue remedy, Batch #001 sleep spray, silk eye mask and a good book

You can see all my suggestions here. 

Happy travels!! 


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P.P.S Special thank you to our client, Olivia for this newsletter recommendation.

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