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What to wear to an interview

March 20, 2018

If you are re-evaluating your work situation then you will want to keep reading. Image is important in any interview or business meeting and enhances your ability to project as a leader, expert or influencer. First impressions matter and in the time it takes you to walk into the room and sit down in your chair, the person you are meeting has already formulated a positive or negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. 

The two things you need to consider when choosing an interview outfit are;

1. What makes you feel confident and communicates your potential. 

2. What is appropriate and will meet the expectations of who is interviewing/meeting you. 

This second point is so important. I have worked with a few clients who came to me because they had a succession of unsuccessful interviews. They didn’t consider the appropriateness of their outfit choice and although they looked professional and put together, it wasn’t appropriate for the industry or culture they were moving into. This becomes a delicate balancing act – you may need to reconcile what feels authentic to you and what will please your employers. Dressing appropriately shows you understand what is expected of you and that you acknowledge and respect the culture of the company. It helps the person you are meeting imagine you seamlessly stepping into the new role and that you are compatible with the team. 

Follow my advice to make sure you choose a winning outfit, no matter what the industry. 

  • Dress appropriately: consider the industry, the culture of the organisation, the dress code, your role and objectives.
  • Dress authentically: for people to trust you, your image should be a true reflection of who you are and communicate what you are capable of. Dress in styles that suit your body shape and colouring and above all make you feel good and give you confidence. 
  • Be consistent: your image should be consistent otherwise you may be seen as unreliable. And consider your grooming, you will undermine all the effort and overall effect of your outfit if your grooming is unkept. 
  • Choose Quality: always buy the best quality you can afford. It helps to work with a professional who can help you to identity quality in fabrics and finishes and make the most your budget. Cheap, ill fitting clothes will never communicate professionalism or give you gravitas.
  • Choose appropriate colours: colours should flatter your complexion and communicate your intentions. For approachability and credibility go for deeper colours that blend easily to the eye like navy, white, grey, burgundy, deep green. 
  • Look current: if you look up to date on the outside you will be seen as having the finger on the pulse of your customers and industry. Successful people embrace change and are forward thinking.

If you feel like your work wardrobe is letting you down, then please get in touch


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