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Dressing for work: Why small details are making a big impact

June 16, 2020

Whether you are still working remotely and on continuous zoom calls or if you are back in the office and want to make an impact round a (socially distanced) board room table, your triangle of influence, that is your head and shoulder line, speaks volumes about who you are and what you want to communicate.

I am still working with clients who feel they need to elevate their online working wardrobe and it’s the small details that are making a biggest impact.

Top 3 considerations:

  1. Colour; what colours do you look good in PLUS what looks good on camera.

  2. The Details; do you have a signature? Are you known for beautiful necklaces or a great pair of reading glasses? Adding jewellery, scarves or stylish eye wear really enhances your look.

  3. The Grooming; your hair and makeup should support the effort you have put into your clothes. It’s one of the first ways to make an impact.

Dressing from the waist up requires a little more attention to the details, understanding your colouring and great grooming.

If you want clarity on what colours will work (and won’t work) to elevate your online look, then get in touch!

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